Nocturnal Journey Through The Realm Of Fairy Tales

The paintings are surprising the Magician in his ordinary life habits.There are always hidden objects to be found in the paintings.The Magician is playing with us hiding them from our eyes.As long as the Magician is passing the landscape there will always be hidden elements to look for!
The space here can suddenly be changed by his magical power.That’s why I surprised him having A Vision and suddenly proceed to transform the surroundings…closing his eyes behind a closed door and prepare a key to suddenly appear from a flower or crossing a forest rolling on a big ball…this is the Magician.


Magician Lightning The Moon
 The Black Balls

Balloon Trip To Fairyland
The Magical Mirror Within The Enchanted Tree...find the keys!
Boat Trip To Fairyland
The Secret Entrance In The Nocturnal Castle
The Magic Key
Ballon Trip To Fairyland

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